Chasing After The Wind... and Then?
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Frank D. Beasley

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A child's hand

A Sightless man, a small child's hand,
That led him as they strode,
The path beside a water's edge
To a simple small abode.

Two shadows cast upon the lake,
Two shadows one could see,
The other's eyes were dimmed from birth,
Our earth has failed to see.

Written during the 1970's

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The setting for this book is a small farming community, Pleasant Grove, four miles NE of Celina, TN. The author was and is a country boy, having learned how to live at PEACE with the God of the universe and his fellow man.

The Authors' hope is that in reading this book you will not become one of those Chasing After the Wind... and Then? (It was Henry Van Dyke 1852-1933, A Clergyman, an Educator and Prolific Writer) who said: "what you possess in the world will be found at the day of your death to belong to someone else, but what you ARE will be yours forever."

The United States was experiencing the Great Depression of the 1930's and most of the population was poor. It was the authors' privilege to have been born for this time and to live out the life that God had predestined for him.

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